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Articles published in Marine Pollution Bulletin 1977-2003 on various aspects of the problem of marine litter/marine debris
  • See list of articles — with abstracts, links to MPB abstracts (articles 1995-2003) and more info on authors and how to purchase full text versions of articles. See aslo complementary Global Marine Litter Information Gateway regional links.
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Other online articles
  • "Lost at Sea: Where is all the Plastic?" Article in Science, 7 May 2004 (vol. 304, p. 838), by Richard C. Thompson, Ylva Olsen, Richard P. Mitchell, Anthony Davies, Steven J. Rowland, Anthony W.G. John, Daniel McGonigle, and Andrea E. Russell. Summaries of the article have been published in, e.g., New Scientist and National Geographic News.
  • See also University of Southampton Press Release: "A team of expert marine biologists and chemists has carried out research which proves for the first time that oceans and shores are contaminated with microscopic fragments and fibres of plastic. The article provides a snapshot of the extent of contamination of marine habitats by microscopic plastic fragments.  The results of the project show conclusively that microscopic plastics are now common in marine habitats.  It is already known that large items of plastic debris are accumulating in the seas and on shorelines, harming marine life including turtles, fish, seabirds and mammals. Dr Richard Thompson, Senior Lecturer in Marine Ecology at the University of Plymouth and head of the research team, commented: 'Given the durability of plastics and the disposable nature of many plastic items, this type of contamination is likely to increase.  Our team is now working to identify the possible environmental consequences of this new form of contamination.'"
  • See also article (2001) below: "Plastic Resin Pellets as a Transport Medium for Toxic Chemicals in the Marine Environment".
  • See also research on pelagic plastics by Algalita Marine Research Foundation.

Articles & reports
  • "Marine litter in the Republic of Korea". Comprehensive report describing the problem of marine litter in Korea. By Dr. Chang-Gu Kang, Director of NOWPAP MER/RAC.
  • "Out in the Pacific, Plastic is Getting Drastic (The World's Largest Landfill is in the Middle of the Ocean)". Article (2002) by Charles Moore, Algalita Marine Research Foundation.
  • "Plastic Resin Pellets as a Transport Medium for Toxic Chemicals in the Marine Environment". Article by Yukie Mato, Tomohiko Isobe, Hideshige Takada, Haruyuki Kanehiro, Chiyoko Ohtake, and Tsuguchika Kaminuma; Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo University of Fisheries, and National Institute of Health Sciences. Published in Environmental Science & Technology 35 (2001).
  • "Marine Debris: A Focus for Community Engagement", by Paul Topping, Environment Canada. Paper presented at the Coastal Zone Canada Conference, in September 2000.
  • Proceedings from the 4th International Marine Debris Conference on Derelict Fishing Gear and the Marine Environment, Hawaii, August 2000. The conference web site offers a number of proceeding documents.
  • "Entanglement of Antarctic fur seals, Arctocephalus gazella, in marine debris at Capa Shirreff and San Telmo Islets, Livingston Island, Antarctica: 1988-1997". Illustrated article by Rodrigo Hucke-Gaete, Daniel Torres N. and Verónica Vallejos M. Presented to the CCAMLR Scientific Committee in 1997. Published by Instituto Antártico Chileno (INACH) in its Serie Científica 1997 (Ser. Cient. INACH 47:123-135, 1997). (770 KB + 745 KB).

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